Structured Water and Energizing System


Modern city water can contain about 1.5 million different chemical compounds. Some of them have been added to perform a variety of functions, from killing bacteria and eliminating contaminates in the water to adjusting the pH so that the water is not quite so acidic. All of these chemicals, which are effectively coded as information in the water, are then consumed as the water you drink and the foods you eat. Though many people have installed water filters, perhaps for the whole house or just on the kitchen faucet or in the refrigerator, these filters do not erase this information from the water molecules. The Andreas Structured Water and Energizing System I have created does delete this latent information, leaving only pure H2O.

There are many ways to structure water, using methods such as levitation, frequencies and vortex, but the method I use in Andreas Structured Water and Energizing System is the most natural way to structure water. Andreas Structured Water and Energizing System is constructed to mimic nature’s way of deleting all extraneous information in the water, restoring the natural H2O information. With the H2O molecules clean and free, they now have the ability to attract and enclose invasive particles to carry them out of the body after consumption. This means that any chemical compounds and contaminates are cleansed from the blood, no longer able to cause problems throughout the body. The restructured water also becomes more alkaline, with the pH increasing to 7.6 to 8.0, and the water also becomes energized. Studies have shown that an alkaline body is unable to sustain cancer cells, as cancer needs an acidic host to survive. Andreas Structured Water and Energizing System leaves you with very clean, energizing, tasty water that your body will love, especially the cells. You will feel the difference.

Give my Andreas Structured Water and Energizing System a try, and see and feel the difference in your water!

After using Andreas Structured Water and Energizing System for 4 weeks, you will see that there are far less, if any, water spots on glass shower doors after taking a shower. Less shampoo and conditioner can be used, and your skin will feel smoother, with the after-shower itching of dry skin relieved, since this is typically caused by chemical-laden water. The residue ring found in the coffee pot or kettle will also disappear. Dishes coming out of the dishwasher may also have less water spots without the use of additional “cleaners” to prevent such spots from occurring. The taste and clarity of your drinking water will also greatly improve, actually quenching your thirst and providing your body with more oxygen. Make the test yourself, put water in a glass before and after the installation of the water system, and you will see the difference in the quality and clarity of the water. You can also see that the glass of structured water has a lot of oxygen bubbles attaching to the walls of the glass.*

This system is easy to install on the main water pipe to the house. It comes with a 1 inch outlet on both sides and your plumber needs just to connect the system with adapters. If there is a filter, insert the water restructuring system after the filter. It is recommended that the water structuring system be installed by a plumber, unless you feel comfortable doing the installation yourself. You may want to consult a professional for advice.**

Purchase of the Andreas Structured Water and Energizing System includes a 20 year warranty, beginning on the date of purchase.

*Depending on the age of the house, the longer the exposure to chemicals and build-up, the longer it may take to clean out the water pipes, and hot water heaters, but you will immediately enjoy the structured water available and the effect in your body.
**Andreas Seed Oils assumes no responsibility for damages incurred through the installation or use of this product.


“The concept to create a more natural system to structure water came to me in January 2015. In 2006, I had learned a great deal about the structure of liquids from Loren Zanier, about how information becomes coded into these liquids, and how this information can be removed or deleted. Through pressing various oils and gradually accumulating more knowledge about the structure and makeup of liquids, I came to a realization that in order to delete the “incorrect” information from the water, I had to change the structure back to its original state, pure H2O. The human body is more than 60 percent water, making this one of the most important parts of the human body. The water in our body is naturally structured, so the water we consume should also be structured because it is easier for these liquids to communicate with the structured fluids in the body.

When I began using Andreas Structured Water and Energizing System in my house, I noticed changes immediately. The usual water spots that appear on the glass shower door after a shower were no longer present. I was able to use less shampoo and conditioner, and my hair and skin felt much softer with the installation of my water system. The shower heads also became unclogged, as did the hot water heater. All of the build-up that had been caked on the inside of the water heater and water pipes was released and cleansed! Since installing my Andreas Structured Water and Energizing System in my home, my grey hair has begun to turn back to blonde due to the oxygen provided in the structured water, which is about 100 times more oxygen than the normal tap water.”
–Andreas Wecker, Founder of Andreas Seed Oils and Andreas Structured Water and Energizing System

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