Over 600 Studies Conducted...

The Oil From This Seed

Supports The Body in
Over 70 Unique Ways!

Inflammation? Indigestion?
Hair loss? Skin troubles?

This could be the answer you’ve been looking for to help how you look, feel and live.

Even the ancient Egyptians used this seed for beauty...

Hippocrates (Known as “Father of Modern Medicine”) recommended these seeds for digestive and weight related symptoms

Doctors of Ayurvedic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine have used these seeds for centuries to support the body

Egyptian Queens have rubbed this seed on nails and hair to add lustre and strength.

It’s helped people increase their fat burning potential (supported by two unique clinical studies)

Over 3,000 years and more than 600 investigations by various scientists around the world show that it’s one of the most universally helpful seeds ever found.

Never Heard of This Seed Before?

It’s not a big surprise.

The seeds natively grow in eastern Europe and Asia. They’re not common in North America.

We’ll dig into what these seeds are and how you can use them right on this page.

Plus… one way it’s far more easily absorbed and used by the body.

Which means you can get FAR MORE of the primary active nutrient (Thymoquinone) along with it’s other nutrients like Omega-3’s, Vitamin B, Zinc, Calcium and more in every serving.

In fact, you can easily add it to your daily ritual in minutes.

You Know About Them... But Here's Why You Need



Science discovered that fat… the right kind… is healthy!

You’ve likely heard about olive oil, MCT oil and others…

…and they’re all good for you in some ways.

But the oil that comes from this seed has shown by several researchers to support good health in more than 70 unique ways including:

Helping blood sugar levels

Helps reduce unhealthy inflammation

Supporting bacterial balance

Aids the digestive system

Supports natural immune responses

Maintains cardiovascular health

Promotes better energy levels

Supports your liver function

Helps lung capacity and function

These Seeds May Help Fight Viruses, Too!

"We searched for clinical trials published regarding proven efficacy of any drug against COVID-19.

One that could be globally accessible with wide range efficacy against viruses and other microbes along with anti-inflammatory,
immune-modulatory, anti-coagulant properties and wide range of safety profile.

In that search, we found honey and Nigella sativa were a perfect fit.”
~ Dr Sohaib Ashraf

Are Seeds From This Plant

Too Good To Be True?

With so many studies conducted around the world it’s hard to deny the positive benefits that come from eating them.

It’s incredible that more health practitioners aren’t recommending it’s use!

It’s unfortunate, because in Europe and Asia it’s one of the first things recommended for patients looking for natural health solutions.

Some even suggest it could be “the fountain of youth” when it comes to natural health foods found in nature.

Here's How These Seeds

Found In Andreas Black Cumin Seed Oil

Have Helped Countless People

We’ve had countless people write in to tell us how they’ve experienced real benefits…

Best Quality I've Come Across

I love all the Andreas seed oils (and I've tried them all). You won't be able to find anything better anywhere - Taste, Texture, Smell, Quality.

The quality of these seed oils is worth the price of investing in your health and well being. Just try any or all the oils and you'll agree.

Andreas Seed Oils are quite simply and honestly the BEST! - Sharon N.

Gorgeous Oil

As an herbalist and whole health practitioner I can attest to the high quality of Andreas Seed Oils, with Black Cumin Seed Oil being no exception.

As many know this oil has numerous uses, ranging from nutritional supplementation and culinary additions to healing skin care applications. My new favorite indulgence is adding 1/2 - 1 Tbsp of black cumin seed oil to a hot salt bath. Water never felt so good!

Andreas is a good company with exceptional customer service and a stellar product. I don’t want to be without this oil! - Lori B.

Black Seed Oil Is Great Quality

I Am very pleased with this product and all the others I purchased From Andreas Seed Oils. The quality definitely seems very pure.

I had bought another brand before this one that was on Amazon with a lot of "positive" reviews. The color of the oil and consistency of Andreas' are of definitely higher quality, looking and feeling way more pure on my skin!

Much appreciated and will be ordering in the future! - Jillian R.


Could Black Cumin Help Your Weight Loss Goals?

Some scientists think so...

What they discovered was a potential impact on how fat metabolism works.

Seven years ago a double blind study showed black cumin oil was able to increase fat loss in a group of women by four times.

The clinical trial was placebo-controlled and a double-blind, randomized type with 50 women who struggled with obesity.

They didn’t change their diet during the study, and half of the participants were given 3 grams of black cumin oil every day.

Eight weeks later, the women who had a dose of black cumin oil before every meal lost four times more fat than the women in the control group who didn’t use it.

How Does Black Cumin Seed Oil Help Some People Lose Weight?

Scientists Have Found The Answer

Those who take black cumin oil regularly may notice better blood sugar balance. Studies noted a difference in food cravings and weight loss.

Every serving of black cumin seed is loaded with health supporting nutrients and minerals.

It helps prevent the desire for unhealthy foods and may speed up your metabolism too.

Testing revealed it helps reduce memory loss, sleeplessness and even may reduce laziness in men who are carrying extra weight.

There’s an incredible amount of research showing possible benefits to the human body and weight loss is a big one in that long list.

Those who take a concentrated seed oil may notice more potency than you’d get form a powder or pill.

Every Ounce Of Oil Is Like Getting
THOUSANDS Of Seeds In Every Serving

Potentially loosing weight is only one of the 70+ reasons people start eating black cumin oil on a regular basis.

Here’s more reasons not listed above:

  • Supports better breathing and clearer lungs

  • Helps the body’s regular detox system

  • Slows down stomach acid to help prevent reflux and digestive issues like constipation or sore stomach
  • Helps your heart and blood vessels by supporting blood pressure balance, cholesterol levels and your blood sugar numbers

Experts have hinted there’s a core ingredient in black cumin oil that supports many critical functions in the body…

The gut (for example) is one of the most important parts of your body.

It impacts the immune system, digestion, energy levels and even how the brain performs!

The Core Nutrient of Black Cumin Oil

Why Studies Show So Many Potential Benefits

Many scientists have discovered Thymoquinone (The core potent nutrient in black cumin seed oil) reduces the production of stomach acid and supported the lining of the gut.

That suggests the chance of suffering from acid reflux, painful gas or bloating or aches in the stomach could be prevented.

Ever had those uncomfortable experiences? Then you know that anything that could help reduce those symptoms is worth trying.

Those who’ve never had stomach troubles don’t understand.

When your stomach isn’t happy, you feel tired and might even feel depressed and not want to get anything done.

If you find something that helps reduce embarrassing gas, exhaustion and gut pain it can feel like a new lease on life.

Do You Get More Energy When

Taking Black Cumin Oil?

This world has become pretty toxic.

We’re exposed to chemicals in the plastics our water comes in, the water we drink and even the well-preserved foods and exhaust-filled air we breathe.

That’s only the things regularly reported on. There’s more not regularly mentioned.

Several chemicals we’re in contact with on a daily basis haven’t been fully tested and yet they’re used regularly.

It’s been linked to some of the common gut problems we experience and not helpful to the naturally occurring helpful gut microbes.

The good news is that several peer-reviewed studies show black cumin can help support a health digestive system.

How Is Your Immune System Tied to Gut Health?

The balance of bacteria in your gut is actually incredibly connected to our ability to ward off viruses and unfriendly bacteria!

In the last 30 years there’s been some incredible discoveries like in 1989 when the Pakistani Medical Journal reported on the connection between black cumin oil and healthy bacteria balance.

In 1992 another study revealed a similar finding - showing black cumin could help keep your gut flora balanced - this one by the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh.

Bottom line?

Black cumin oil has been shown to help keep your gut bacteria balance between good and bad bacteria types better than some modern medicines available.

Black Cumin Is

One Of The Most

Black Cumin Is One Of The Most

Powerful Seed Oils We've Evern Found!

There’s not many oils that have so much health-supporting potential.

The potential benefits from researchers around the globe continue to grow (literally daily!)


The rarely mentioned seed oil has been reported to help cholesterol levels, blood pressure, help reduce stomach fat and even support better blood sugar levels according to the Internet Journal of Pharmacology

Some of those benefits have been seen with less than an ounce a day.


One group of researchers discovered black cumin seed oil helped 42 patients suffering from painful nasal symptoms when compared against a saline solution.


Thymoquinone has an impact on a natural process in the body called acetylation which is the programmed time cells are replaced with newer healthy cells.

This process is important in the regular maintenance cycles and explains why it may show benefits for some.


Scientists noted those who take the oil have better cytokine response which are your natural attackers against foreign bacteria and viruses.


Some studies showed black cumin to be almost as effective as over the counter anti-inflammatory products… but without the harmful effects some can have on your stomach lining.

Tried Black Cumin Oil Before?

It May Have Been Rancid...

I know that sounds surprising, but hear us out on this one.

Most products on the market are stored in a clear bottle and unfortunately, that means they’re exposed to the ultraviolet rays that naturally occur from sunlight and even indoor lighting.

If we’ve learned anything in the last 30 years of health discoveries, it’s that good oils (like olive oil, coconut oil) are incredibly healthy and bad (or rancid) oils cause damage and can even harm healthy cells in your body.

Some types of oils lead to poor brain health, weight gain, and even impact cardiovascular health and blood pressure.

That’s why we’re passionate about protecting the oils that we produce.

Even black cumin oils claiming to be cold-pressed or low-heat are sometimes produced with solvents and heat (sometimes even during the packaging process) that damage the oil.

Our production method produces one of the most pure and undamaged oils you’ll find on the market today.

Andreas Seed Oils Are
More Than Just Better Extraction...

The whole process from gathering the seed to bottling is unique!

The use of my custom-built seed press technology, covered by 4 patents, allows us to unlock and release the full benefits of the oils.

Our superfood seed oils are the first and only, raw, undamaged seed oils in the world, that have fully unlocked the powerful life energy from organic seeds with ZERO oxydation.

Our living oils detoxify the body, are rich in antioxidants, and have tremedous anti-inflamatory properies.

By enjoying these oils your body receives a rush of nutrients that can heal and revitalize your body at the cellular level.

Here’s How We Create The Best Black Cumin Seed Oil For You:


The best oils can only be made from organic, non-gmo grown seeds carefully purchased from the best sources. In fact, we’re happily willing to pay more for a better product and never sacrifice on quality.


We have 4 patents for our advanced seed pressing technology. Our solution uses no grinding, no metals, no oxidation, and no dilution. What you get is pure, high quality seed oil without any solvents, heat or other oil-damaging methods involved.


We bottle our precious product in a dark purple-tinted glass specially designed to block out harmful UV light which can damage the nutrient-rich fatty acids. It’s air-tight and has an incredible shelf-life compared to similar products.

Why I Produce Seed Oils

I Was A Gold Medal Athlete Who Almost Died

Imagine you’re a gold medal gymnast at the top of your game. You’ve trained and prepared your entire life and at the top of your career…

That’s where I was back in 2004.

But… A simple rehabilitation plan turned into a fight for my life.

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and treated with several blood transfusions and many months in hospital.

Facing a life-altering surgical procedure, I made a fascinating discovery.

After three months of experimenting with seed extracts, I discovered I no longer needed the handful of pills I was prescribed.

The oils were good, but I knew I could produce a higher quality and potent version… so a German mechanic and I went to work and pioneered a new seed extraction method.

Today, we ship seed oil extracts to thousands worldwide and hold four patents on the technology that requires no heat, solvents, grinding or damage.

What's In The Bottle?

Nothing But Rich, Pure Black Cumin Seed Oil

We’ve fought hard to produce an oil that’s completely free of toxins, microbes, heavy metals or harmful chemicals.

Every step of the process has been designed to prevent anything from reaching the bottle other than the extracted seed oil.

It’s one of the freshest (and rich tasting) oils you’ll find.

Because we only use the seed and nothing else, it’s also vegan.

We’re quite confident that you’ll be happy with your purchase…

Try Our “Any Problem, We’ll Fix It”
60-Day Guarantee!

We stand behind our black cumin oil (and all of our products) and we’re proud to offer a no-questions-asked guarantee that you’ll love what you get.

It’s always been our dream to help others thrive and succeed in their health journey and satisfied customers are the best advertisers.

A Teaspoon A Day For Far Less Than

Your Home Brewed Coffee!

The prices we’ve setup on this page will save you a bundle and give you a chance to try it out and see if it helps you support your health journey and the potential possible.

Regardless of which option you pick, you’ll save money.

You could easily spend the same money just buying a bottle of pills or smoothie mix that wouldn’t have nearly the nutrient complex or raw food source that our seed oils offer.

Many have written to us and told us they believed it was worth every penny.

Over 700 studies and thousands of happy customers support its value.

Black Cumin Oil Has Hundreds of Potential Benefits…

Who couldn’t use a little more energy, a healthier lifestyle and possibly less inflammation too.

It’s possible this could help support the life you deserve to be living.

That’s what I want for all our customers.

That’s why I started on the journey of not only pressing seeds into oil to help recover my own health, but to help others heal too.

I want everyone to be able to enjoy the quality and taste of these oils.

So, We’ve put together a special offer for you.

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Simply put, we’re here for you and we’re not gonna let you have a bad experience if we can help it!

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