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There comes a time in life when someone makes a huge contribution to society and that company is “ANDREAS SEED OILS AND PREST ORGANICS”.

THANK YOU for making these wonderful oils. I HAVE PURCHASED EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. The benefits I have experienced has been enormous. My son has AUTISM and my daughter suffers from ANXIETY and DEPRESSION. I made my first purchase in September of 2020 and purchased twelve bottles buying a combination of all the oils. These oils are nothing but short of a MIRACLE but a MIRACLE to me and my family. My son is calmer than ever and his digestion has finally improved with more bowel movements since he started taking the BLACKSEED OIL, FENNEL AND CORIANDER OILS AND SUNFLOWER OILS. My daughter is taking the BLACKSEED oils and her mood has greatly improved . I purchased the CBD HEMP EXTRACT and it stopped my pain from having a herniated disc almost within minutes the pain lessened and within 15 minutes it was all GONE!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! for these miraculous oils.

Last, I want to thank KATJA, your Knowledgeable and friendly customer support team expert. She has been an invaluable help with her knowledge of the products and her ever so patience with me on the phone asking her a host of questions about the oils. She has been an absolute “PLEASURE” and a joy to always speak to and giving me lots of tips on how to best use the oils. MONEY WELL SPENT!!

Thank you for bringing these wonderful oils into our lives and the special bottles they come in. DO NOT THROW THEM OUT as they have many great uses. These are truly the best oils ever made!


Warmest regards,
Tanya P.


Hi, i recently began working with U.S.Enzymes and have had the great good fortune to now include eating your 5 Seed Oil Blend each day. It is soo good! Love the weight/feel of the bottle, like a sturdy jewel in hand. Amazed at how the simple essence of the nutrition in food heals and we are blessed.

Thanks so much for your contribution to my health!”

This is the BEST Black Cumin Seed Oil that money can buy. Period.
Steven O.

Over the course of the last several years, I have tried Black Cumin Seed Oils from numerous suppliers and I can state earnestly that none of them were remotely like this one and while I had several issues with all of the other Black Seed Oils I have tried, perhaps the most notable difference with Andreas’ Cumin Seed oil is that palpable positive systemic effects of both the physiological as well as psychological were noted immediately after metabolism of even my first dose. I should make it clear that some of what I refer to here is connective with a clearly discernible “die-off” response whereby negative microorganisms in both my upper as well as lower alimentary tract are obviously being affected. I have only been taking the oil for a few weeks now and this has expressed itself so far in a manner unprecedented in comparison with the Black Cumin Seed Oils I have experienced from four other vendors including one that seems to be imitative of Andreas’ products.

Another attribute of remarkable note here is the overt potency of Andreas’ Black Cumin Seed Oil. I initially took what I thought was a conservative dose, a full measured teaspoon, and my systemic response was very strong, almost too strong! I cut the dose down to a quarter teaspoon and, while that minimized the acclimation ‘shock’, the effects were still evident. I have since worked my way up to a full teaspoon and am going to be experimenting with dosage levels in near future.

Another disparate factor here in comparison with all the other Black Cumin Seed Oils I have purchased is the taste, aroma, texture, and the aesthetic. This oil tastes very strong in the most reassuring possible way, it smells as it should, the wonderfully thick and fully broken down for optimal assimilation particulate matter of the seeds and their oil are deeply black and dense.

This is a stunning product.

Hello, I buy your oils through my naturopath. I have had an outstanding result that far exceed any possible expectation. I once heard that black cumin oil can cure everything except death. I would be happy to leave reviews of my experiences with these oils if you’d like. Thank you for your impeccable oils and desire to live as one.