To do business with Andreas Seed Oils as a Wholesaler or Reseller, the Customer Registration Questionnaire must be completed by you or a representative from your organization. Your Andreas Seed Oils representative can assist you with this process if there are any questions.

The Customer Questionnaire contains multiple fields that must be completed before you can resume ordering products at the wholesale price.

The printable Questionnaire requires that it be completed in its entirety, all sections before it is submitted and accepted. Once the Questionnaire has been completed and accepted, you will have the ability to update, change, or correct specific sections at any time via email at info@andreasseedoils.com . If you fail to complete this registration questionnaire, it could delay your ability to order products and/or services as you will not have access to various wholesale prices/products. It is important to reapply/update your information should you wish to continue as a wholesale customer with Andreas Seed Oils*

*Please note – as we make the transition to our new wholesale program, all current wholesale discount codes have been deactivated and are no longer effective.

Upon completion and email submission of the questionnaire, Andreas Seed Oils will provide you an e-mail response that your forms have been received and are in process. Your information will be updated in your existing Andreas Seed Oils account.

Andreas Seed Oils requires you update your questionnaire(s) on either an “as needed basis” or yearly to reflect any changes within your company that will assist Andreas Seed Oils in providing you service.

The completed questionnaire is used by Andreas Seed Oils to determine the following:

  • Determine geographical specifics
  • Assign Internal Andreas Seed Oils Wholesale or Reseller IDs
  • Determine Andreas Seed Oils requirements to support Wholesale specific activity
  • Obtain service volume estimates
  • Determine deposits, when applicable
  • Establish output and input requirements
  • Obtain your contacts hours-of-operation and holiday schedule

Existing  Wholesale Customer Questionnaire

If you are an existing Andreas Seed Oils Wholesale customer, you must complete the Customer Wholesale Questionnaire which can be found below. 

Send completed applications to  – info@andreasseedoils.com with WHOLESALE  APP in the subject field. 

Acceptance/Rejection notices to follow as appropriate via email.

For additional information on doing business with Andreas Seed Oils, contact us at info@andreasseedoils.com.

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