Andreas Structured Water System

  • $499.89
  • $999.00

Additional Info

  • Depending on the age of the house and its exposure to chemicals and build-up, the longer it may take to clean out the water pipes and warm water heaters. Nonetheless, immediately structured water will be available and its effect in your body.
  • This house unit is maintenance free and does not have filters to replace.
  • This unit is designed to reduce hard water mineral deposits, helping maintain the life of pipes.
  • 90 day satisfaction guarantee AND a 10 year warranty


  • Please contact us with the specifications on the diameter of your water pipe, measuring ¾", 1", or 1 ¼ inch as each system is custom made to fit your home.
  • This system is easy to install on the main water pipe to the house
  • If there is a filter, insert the water system AFTER the filter.
  • It is recommended that the water structuring system be installed by a plumber, unless you feel comfortable doing the installation yourself.