I started Andreas Seed Oils to bring health and wellness to people through food. The right foods made up of essential fats, vitamins, and minerals are necessary to be truly healthy. The natural balance of these nutrients is offered in my purely pressed oils.

Through my struggle with Crohn’s Disease, I knew that my options were extremely limited, as I exhausted the means of modern medicine. The option I chose was to find an alternative remedy to have a fighting chance at living. Fresh-pressed oils were the answer. My miraculous recovery by the use of my oils, along with diet modification, has led me to recognize that high-quality oils, perhaps of all kinds, could help others improve their overall health as well. My desire is to provide a product for everyone to have the opportunity to improve their health and wellness.

Please try my originalAndreas Seed Oils for 60 days, and experience what these powerful, fresh-pressed seed oils can do for you.

Your opinion means the world to us! We would like to invite you to share your thoughts and experiences with Andreas Seed Oils. Feel free to drop us a note.