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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take multiple oils together?

Yes, you can take multiple Andreas Seed Oils together. This is how Andreas takes his oils every day. Its nothing but food so there is no harm in consuming multiple oils daily. 

Why do the oils come in a glass bottle?

The bottle used for Andreas Seed Oils is a Miron glass bottle. This special bottle keeps out harmful ultraviolet light, to ensure the oils remain fresh. These bottles use similar infrared and UV frequencies naturally produced by the sun to bring energy to the contents of the bottle. To prevent heat in the bottle you should not place the oils in direct sunlight.

Is it possible to take too much oil?

Andreas Seed Oils are highly concentrated food products. You do not need a lot to have a delivered effect. Taking too much Andreas Coriander Seed Oil could lead to headaches due to its detoxing effect. It is better to take the oils in smaller amounts, multiple times per day, and gradually increase your intake over time.

Andreas, which oils did you take to eliminate your Crohn’s Disease?

Along with modifying my diet, I took a combination of three oils: flaxseed, coriander, and five seed oil. It is important to use these three Andreas Seed Oils together, as each has a separate function.

Premium Flaxseed Oil

A foundation for rebuilding and repairing damaged cells.

Coriander Seed Oil

Kills Candida which is the main contributor to Crohn’s Disease, in addition to other viruses and invading bacteria.

Andreas Five Seed Oil Blend

Will increase your energy levels. “The use of these three oils has been continuous for me, even after my symptoms have subsided.”

How do I store the oils?

The oils should be stored at room temperature, not in the refrigerator, and out of direct sunlight. You should always secure the cap tightly in order to retain freshness. Once opened, you should use the oils within 3 months to ensure freshness.

What are the fibers in the bottle?

As Andreas Seed Oils are not filtered, seed fibers are contained in the oils. These fibers are the key to unlocking the complete health benefits contained in each bottle. The fibers enhance the flavour and colour of each individual oil. Therefore it is important to thoroughly shake each bottle before use, as settling is natural in the product.


On Orders $45+