Black Cumin Seed Oil Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Antiviral, Anti-parasitic, Boosts Immunity, Liver Health, Anti-Inflammatory, Diabetes, Auto-immune, Asthma, Bronchitis, Joints, Candida, Weight-Loss, Organ Support, Lyme, Radiation

Premium Flax Seed Oil  Rich in Omega-3, Inflammation, Cardiovascular Health, Brain Health, Constipation, Arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, Lupus, Allergies, Blood Sugar Balance, Hair & Skin, Menopause, Sleep Quality

Coriander Seed Oil  Heavy Metal Detox, Anti-fungal, Candida, Anti-bacterial, Gut-Health, Detoxification, Lyme

Pumpkin Seed Oil Nutrient-dense, Antioxidants, Male Hair Loss, Prostate Health, Bladder & Kidney Health, Sleep Issues, High in Zinc

Sunflower Seed Oil  Healthy Cooking Oil, Antioxidants, Energy Boosting, Vitamin E, Skin Care, Omega 6

Black Sesame Seed Oil  Hormone Balance, Anti-aging, Anti-Parasitic, Menopause, Antioxidant, Bone Health & Density, Calcium Deficiency, Nourish Hair, High in Zinc, Liver & Kidneys, Blood Circulation 

Hemp Seed Oil Reduces Inflammation, Bone Health, Rich in GLA, Vitamin D, Heart Health, Skin & Hair, Excellent 3:1 ratio of omega6 to omega3 

Five Seed Oil Blend  Increases Energy Levels, The Benefits of Five Amazing Seed Oils in One!

Heirloom Fennel Seed Oil Speeds Digestion, Gas & Bloating, IBS Symptoms, Digestive Troubles, Water Retention, Lymphatic Decongestant, Natural Expectorant

"KavaPlex" Kava Kava Oil Calm Positive Mood, Enhanced Sociability, Memory and Focus, Deeper Restorative Sleep, Anxiety, Stress Support 

Please view the product pages for more detailed information on each oil and their extensive benefits  


Can you take multiple oils together?


The answer is, Yes!

This is how Andreas takes his oils every day.


Many of you asked, which oils did Andreas take to eliminate his Crohn’s Disease? Andreas took a combination of three oils: Flax seed, Coriander, and Five Seed Oil. It is important to use these three Andreas Seed Oils together, as each has a separate function.


Premium Flax Seed Oil is a foundation for rebuilding and repairing damaged cells.

Coriander Seed Oil kills Candida, the main contributor to Crohn’s Disease, as well as many other viruses and invading bacteria.

Five Seed Oil Blend is used to increase energy levels. The use of these three oils has been continuous for Andreas, even after his symptoms have subsided



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