Important Update - April 19th, 2024

Important Update - April 19th, 2024

Dear Friends, Family and Followers Online,

We're aware of the strange and false posts showing up on social media by an individual seeking money and attempting to blackmail Andreas Seed Oils. We've reported them to police, and recommend you report any strange social media posts you see as harassment if you see them.

Frustrating as it is, these days everyone's had an account hacked at one time or another. 

The one thing that hasn't changed in the 16 years since the company was founded has been our dedication to quality. What started as a path to healing became a goal to get high quality, nutritious, and organic seed oils to those who need them most.

We've published recent tests, our certifications, and we'll even be publishing the 3rd party reports from state inspectors. These inspectors investigate the handling, source materials, storage, water quality on site, labeling and sanitation. These inspections are unannounced, and samples of finished product are taken at random from the shelf for independent lab testing.

If we failed one of these inspections, they would suspend our certificates and publish that online. Thankfully, that's never happened.

If you have any questions, concerns or just want to reach out and talk about our process, products or the way we operate, please call or email us!

Phone: +1 (407)-504-7780

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