Introducing Headley Holistics, A Trusted Partner For Your Animals Health

Introducing Headley Holistics, A Trusted Partner For Your Animals Health

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  • Headley Holistics, Where We Started
  • How Holistic Medicine Changed Our Lives
  • Our Early Success in Holistic Healing
  • How Andreas Seed Oils and Headley Holistics First Got Together
  • Exclusively, Headley Holistics
  • Headley Holistics & Evolved Remedies, What We Offer
  • Headley Holistics, Who We Are
  • Headley Holistics, Educational Blogs
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Andreas Seed Oils and Headley Holistics

Tethered by a shared belief that nature has the remedies we need, both companies are guided by the same principle: Uncompromising Quality.

This is the story of how two companies came together to revolutionize animal supplements. If you care about natural horse supplements and holistic dog remedies, this article is for you.


Headley Holistics, Where We Started

Before Headley Holistics, there was just a simple co-op on a small island in Puget Sound. Farm owners and animal lovers from across Vashon Island got together to funnel their buying power through a single entity allowing everyone to get the feed and supplies they needed at a more reasonable price and delivered right to our rural little island.

As demand grew, that little co-op blossomed into a feed and tack store that would end up being a cornerstone in this island's animal and farm community for more than 25 years. 


How Holistic Medicine Changed Our Lives

In 2014 everything changed. Our family’s core beliefs shifted when a simple holistic medicine started to unravel the 40+ years of suffering our matriarch had endured. When she was at her worst, spiraling from multiple autoimmune diseases, compounded by ineffective western medicine treatments, a simple holistic medicine changed everything. This seemingly simple natural medicine was the catalyst for dramatic reorientation in our personal lives but also for our business. You can read our full story here.

Achieving a state of health and wellbeing she had not felt since she was a teenager, we decided it was our calling to share what we had learned and to offer support for others seeking redemption. We shifted our focus to holistic health and wellness, a business principle informed by the miraculous healing we had experienced in our personal lives.

As we settled into our new reality, we realized our animals were suffering, too. The western medicine paradigm was failing us as well as our animals. We began to apply the same principles and approach that had helped us heal to the animals on our farm.

Experience something once and maybe it's a fluke. But, by the third or fourth time we helped facilitate healing and recovery from a state of dis-ease that the medical “professionals” said was impossible, we decided that maybe we should just be in the business of impossible.


Our Early Success in Holistic Healing

It began with our fearless leader recovering from several different autoimmune diseases and completely eliminating all pharmaceuticals. Next was our beloved Gypsy, diagnosed with cushing's disease at the age of 29; she was given an exclusively natural supplement regimen and lived happily until just before her 41st birthday. When our sweet, 10-year-old yellow lab, Ginger, was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and given just weeks to live, we designed a holistic protocol for her and she lived four more joyful years. Our feisty feline, Jazzy, an elderly calico cat, was in kidney failure with only 10% function in one kidney; with our holistic interventions, she too, lived 4 more beautiful years.

I could keep going but you are starting to see why we light-heartedly joked we should be in the “impossible” business.  


How Andreas Seed Oils and Headley Holistics First Got Together

Fast forward several years, we had amassed a large and growing inventory of natural supplements and holistic remedies for humans as well as animals. Among them were medicinal seed oils. The research was promising and we believed in natural remedies, and soon became users and retailers for a different seed oil company.  Disappointed and unhappy with their products and service in the long run, we decided to seek out a different partner. It was during that search that we were recommended to contact Andreas Seed Oils.

So, we reached out and tried some Andreas Seed Oils for ourselves and immediately knew these were better, more potent oils than what we had been using. Eager to replace the underwhelming products with these higher quality oils, we contacted Andreas about becoming a retailer for his products.

In our initial conversations, Andreas learned that our primary focus was actually on natural horse supplements and holistic dog remedies, so he suggested we try his seed press cakes as an herbal remedy for animals. He explained that he had been feeding the potent seed press cakes to horses for years and that he found them to be very beneficial for a whole host of reasons. When we asked him why he hadn’t yet brought these products to market, he explained that he was simply stretched too thin already and just didn’t have the time to devote to a new enterprise like this.  “You guys should do this, though,” he said.  “These are amazing products and your horses will look and be fantastic!”  “Let me send you some to try and you let me know how it goes.”  And so we did.

We started a feeding trial here on our farm and were blown away at the progress our animals made. Next step was to make sure the results were reproducible, so we contacted some close friends and longtime customers in our community. They, too, had unbelievable results. We knew at that point that what Andreas had eluded to was true–his seed cakes are a tremendously powerful herbal remedy for animals.

In 2022, we officially launched our new company, Headley Holistics, and shortly after that our very own product line, Evolved Remedies, was born. Featuring Andreas Seed Oils Seed Press Cakes as the centerpiece for many of our offerings, Evolved Remedies is a Wellness Re-Evolution for Horse, Hound and Human. 



Exclusively, Headley Holistics

If you are here, then we don't need to convince you that Andreas Seed Oils are the best seed oils on the market, you already know that. For all of the same reasons that make his oils the best, his seed press cakes similarly have the highest potency and are uncompromisingly pure.

Headley Holistics is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Andreas Seed Oils Seed Press Cakes. Evolved Remedies currently offers several unique animal products to help supercharge your animals wellness, with more exciting new products under development.


Headley Holistics & Evolved Remedies, What We Offer

Evolved Remedies is THE Source for Natural Horse Supplements and Holistic Dog Remedies

Our Core Offerings that feature Andreas Seed Oils Seed Press Cakes:

Organic Horse Supplements

  • Organic Black Cumin Seed Press Cake
    • The Holistic Horse Supplement. A truly powerful herbal remedy with a long list of benefits. This single product is making waves in the equine world and is quickly becoming our most popular product.
  • Organic Flax Seed Press Cake
    • Better than flax oil, this is a new type of flax supplement for horses. With all of the benefits you have come to expect from equine flax supplements plus, a higher density of nutrients, better absorption as well as unique gut health support benefits.
  • Organic 5-Seed Press Cake
    • The Performance Horse Supplement
    • May improve:
      • Recovery time following exercise/competition
      • Speed/Endurance in timed competitions
      • Healthy inflammation response
  • Elite Calming Nuggets
    • First-of-its-kind, the unique formulation boasts two active ingredients: Black Cumin Seed Press Cake and Hemp-Derived CBD. These two ingredients amplify each other's calming and relaxation effects. These magic little nuggets are the most effective natural horse calming supplement on the market. 
    • Elite Calming Nuggets provide a more powerful effect with less CBD, their effect lasts 6-9 hours, and horses absolutely love them!

    Herbal Supplements for Dogs

  • K9 Nom-Nom Nuggets
    • More than just a tail waggin-ly delicious flavor, K9 Nom-Nom’s are a tasty treat that come in two varieties, Calming and Regular. Both varieties use 100% organic, Human-Grade ingredients and offer additional benefits like natural flea repellency, improved skin and hair health, reduced inflammation, and detox support. 


    Headley Holistics, Who We Are

    At Headley Holistics our vision is of a world free from agricultural toxins and chemicals, where information and education flow freely, people and nature coexist in a way where they both thrive, while the paradigm for health and wellness is centered around the same.

    Every day, we strive to make our vision for this world a reality. We do this by meticulously researching and presenting evidenced-based information to help our community stay informed. We source, formulate and deliver the highest quality holistic products and most effective natural remedies.


    Headley Holistics, Educational Blogs

    If you are interested in learning more about how Andreas Seed Oils Seed Press Cakes can help your animals thrive, check out some of our recent blog posts:


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    Best Horse Hoof Supplements

    Whole food-superfoods have a greater bioavailability and offer a complete matrix of nutrients. The results? Nutrients actually reach the horse's cells and aren’t just excreted in manure and urine. Learn why Black Cumin Seed Press Cake is the best horse hoof supplement you’ve never heard of. 


    Better Than Flax Oil, a New Kind of Flax Supplement for Horses

    Omega-3’s, Protein, Vitamins, Minerals, Phytonutrients and Fiber. Delivered in a stable, whole food complex, achieve better results and spend less money. Flax Seed Press Cake also does an amazing job at safely removing things like dirt, sand, gravel and twine from your horses GI Tract, improving Gut Health and reducing the risk of colic. Learn more about Flax Cake for Horses.


    How Proper Nutrition Can Activate Your Horse’s Dapples

    If you are interested in natural and holistic remedies, you are probably already familiar with the science of epi-genetics. In this article, we break down the coveted horse coat coloration known as dapples. What they are, which horses have the gene and how to help your horse activate the gene. In this article we share our Step-by-Step guide for helping your horse thrive at every level, including the feeding program we have developed over the last two + decades. 


    Can Horses Eat Black Cumin Seeds?

    This is a high level overview and a great place to start if you want to learn about Black Cumin Seed Press Cake for horses. Read about this miracle equine herb here.


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    Guest Authored By:
    Tristan Carbery
    EVP - Headley Holistics

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